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CTI IS THE SUM OF MANY SERVICES. 20 years ago, we built our company around the principle that the success of a system is its component parts. It’s design, installation, operation and maintenance. Founded with quality, safety and reliability at our core, we deliver highly specialized services including coatings and linings, mechanical services, skid packages, and custom FRP and plastic fabrication. Let the strength of our services support your facility.

Expertise, safety, reliability. We provide the critical elements to help your facility run successfully and cost effectively.

FRP is in our DNA. We design, build and install custom tanks, piping systems, grating, platforms, structures, odor control covers and more.

View CTI in action. On site and in our shop. See why service is our greatest strength.

CTI News

April 4, 2016   This is CTI. We’re excited to announce the launch of Composite Technology & Infrastructure, LLC (CTI), a highly specialized fabrication and construction company.

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